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• DDA Passgate
• Tripod Barrier
• Optical Barrier
• Rising Arm Barrier
• Sliding Barrier
• Sweeping Barrier
• Rotating Barrier
• Rotating Full Height
• Airlock
• Security Rotating Door

Security turnstiles can be integrated with the following peripherals, with many physically integrated within the body of the units :
• Card readers; proximity and swipe, smart cards etc.
• Key pads
• Biometric systems
• Cameras
• Lift destination control
• Card collection systems
• People counters
• Coin/token collection
• Building Management systems
• Fire/intruder
• Asset protection
• Metal/explosive detection
• TCP/IP Ethernet networks
Care must be taken to ensure the access control reader choice is compatible with the usage and speed of the chosen turnstile. Proximity readers will provide higher flow of traffic, whilst bio-metric readers may be deemed inappropriate for an optical type turnstile.

Most turnstile manufacturers are fully compatible with the majority of access control systems in the market today, purely requiring a two door controller to control ingress and egress through the units.

Two separate inputs are required, per barrier, to operate the unit in each direction, in the majority of cases being a normally open, going closed connection.

Other inputs may include visitor access and override + modes and operation controls. The majority of units provide a fire alarm input to allow emergency egress, either allowing break-out or providing unhindered egress if required.
Outputs will give passage confirmation in each direction for accurate occupancy counting and appropriate use of the chosen security method. Alarm state outputs are provided, either remotely or within the unit, to indicate a security breach or misuse.

Newer products are capable of direct connection, control and monitoring over existing Ethernet networks ensuring full compatibility with IP Access Control, CCTV and Building Management Systems with no need for further connection.

As a rough guide when calculating the number of turnstiles required the following formula (based upon 15% of the building population entering/exiting the building in a five minute period) can be used. However, it is highly recommend that all users consult with a reputable turnstile manufacturer for an accurate recommendation.

Total Installation Capacity (per Minute) = (Building Population x 15%) / 5

Standard Width Lanes : 500 – 660mm
This dimension is critical to ensure that two users cannot enter through the turnstiles `side by side’ thereby gaining unauthorised access.

Wheelchair Accessible Lanes : 900 – 940mm
Allows passage for wheelchair users and those with other impairments or who are in need of assistance.

Side Pass Gate :
Consideration may be given to the provision of alternative, supervised access for visitors, couriers and those with large luggage or parcels.

Barriers :
Most turnstile manufacturers will provide a variety of turnstile designs to suit the individual clients’ requirements, and to provide an aesthetically seamless appearance.

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